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The mission of Bradford Christian College is to provide Christian education rooted in the Biblical doctrines of grace and utilizing the Biblical Principle Approach® method leading to a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education or Theological Studies.
Bradford Christian College offers a 4-year degree program and semesters that last for 15 weeks, giving you the flexibility to begin at any time you want. Plus, with a dedicated mentor to keep you on track, you can be confident that you'll graduate with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed.
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Degree Programs


This degree is designed to broaden the understanding of Christian entrepreneurship, organizational management, and the philosophy of American history and government.



This degree is specifically designed to train students in the Biblical principle approach philosophy and method of curriculum development and teaching.



This degree is designed to broaden the understanding of varied aspects of Christian counseling.



This degree designed to provide students with an understanding of the history, context and message of the Bible.



The Master of Theology (MTh) degree program is designed for those students who anticipate having a strong exegetical foundation for preaching and teaching.


Why Bradford Christian College

Bradford Christian College represents a new and bold endeavor in the field of education. BCC is interested in offering a single approach to study that will help the student to conquer every area of life. It is certainly true that Bradford cannot offer the spectacular array of courses, programs, and activities of most other colleges. But, if you are interested in serious study into the principles of knowledge that will enable you to effectively articulate the Biblical guidelines by which to order society, I believe Bradford Christian College will meet that interest.


This nation hungers for a new generation of statesmen who are equipped with the thinking and reasoning skills to provide lasting solutions to the problems that plague it. Modem education has failed, for several generations, to produce such a generation. Bradford Christian College rejects the mentality of modem education in favor of a proven method of education. BCC believes that the character of the student must be molded toward discipline through the educational process. This means that the curriculum must be challenging, and require the student to persevere to the end. Therefore, the plan of Bradford Christian College is aggressive, and the vision is great.


The plan of Bradford Christian College is to offer accredited courses leading to a four-year Bachelor of Arts degree. Initially, BCC will be offering a B.A. in Christian Education, and a B.A. in Theology. Each of these degrees can be tailored to meet the individual interests and needs of each student. The courses will be offered through an online, mentored, self-study program. Each degree program will be designed to help the student attain the highest standards of excellence and knowledge. The plan is aggressive, and it will require a dedicated and committed student to accomplish it. In order to accomplish it, the student must be ready to enter into intense research that requires and develops the ability of the student to work independently, to dig diligently for answers, and to be disciplined in recording that research.


And what of the vision of Bradford Christian College? As I said earlier, the vision is great. It is our desire, that from the students trained at Bradford Christian College, there would arise those men and women who would be accounted as the great thinkers of their generation. It is our hope that they would step forward as the leaders of their generation, and with boldness and courage, take the helm of this nation and turn it back to a course of righteousness and justice. And even more, that they would diligently train the rising generations to such a noble work!


Having briefly discussed the plan and vision of Bradford Christian College, I must not neglect the most significant aspect. Bradford Christian College is a specifically Christian college. It is Christian in calling, content, and purpose. The Bible is, unashamedly, the central text. Every student will be confronted with the truth of God's Word, and will be expected to embrace God's philosophy of life. Through the training at Bradford, students will become the equipped vessels of God to bring the fresh and living Water of His philosophy of life to a dry and parched land.


Has there ever been a time in the history of this nation when it more desperately needed such leaders and thinkers? Together, Bradford Christian College and you, a dedicated and committed student, can become the history makers of the present generation.

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